Thursday, 29 November 2012

Walt Disney Love

There is something about Disney that I absolutely adore. Every Disney film is put together so well, is so imaginative and so special, I don't think there's anyone out there who can't see it. The true sparkle in life comes from within, and in my opinion, comes from imagination. Disney, both the man and the company, always gets it right. He can be quoted for many inspirational messages, which like every Disney film has ever done, always makes me look at life in a brighter, more optimistic way. My love for Disney continued when Chris and I were about a year into our relationship, he knew how much I loved Disney and that I had never been to Disneyland and he decided this needed to be put right. We went on a long weekend, and it is still the best place I have ever been. I think my 3 days in Disneyland were truly the happiest 3 consecutive days of my life. It felt so magic, not only to be surrounded by what I have loved passionately for years, but to have Chris there with me, equally as happy as I was because he could see how much it meant to me. I knew then, even at such an early point in our relationship that he really cared about me and I knew we would have a wonderful future together. Disney has been and will continue to be a very important part of my life, and my life with Chris.


  1. I so concur :) Everything about Disney is magical. I'll never forget how exciting it was to see my very first Disney Parade.

  2. I hope you get to go often to enjoy the magic!