Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dear Ms Brick

Dear Ms Brick,

I cannot help but feel seriously confused by your articles. You have the potential to be so much more; a woman with a brilliant job with the ability to put some truly amazing words together to inspire young women, and yet you use it for this? 

Firstly I do not understand your reference to Joan Collins within your article? It just doesn't make sense to me. Yes, she is a beautiful woman, however, it is her image that is important, not her beauty. I believe that any woman can look beautiful if given the right help. I do not understand why a woman in your position would agree that women have to abide by certain rules in society in order to be successful. Yes, certainly in Joan's case that may be true because she needed to look a certain way on the big screen in order to bag the roles that she did, but I can't understand why it is important for you? Does a journalist working for the Daily Mail need to be as thin as possible in order to get a job? If so then that is a serious problem. 

My second issue with your article is that you have stated that to stay thin a woman needs to diet every day of her life. This is absolutely not the truth, I know plenty of women who are naturally thin and those who aren't work off the food that they enjoy in order to stay healthy. You suggest that it is impossible to even allow yourself a chocolate given as a gift by a dear friend, instead you glare at them and throw the expensive present into the bin? Have you never considered that you might be able to allow yourself some food if you were to actually get off your arse and get some exercise? One small chocolate an evening certainly will not make you or anyone else fat, and it'd certainly be a much nicer way to treat your friend who had spent a lot of money on them for you. You constantly mention going without food as a way of keeping thin, but I believe that it is much healthier to eat decent meals as it not only gives you the energy that you need to deal with the day, but it also gives you energy to exercise, and keep the weight off in a healthy manner. 

You say that it was worth collapsing due to not eating enough because you had plenty of offers for dates, I'm afraid if that is what it takes for you to get noticed by the male population, you are certainly not the beautiful woman that you have before stated you are. Men are not necessarily attracted to thin, they are attracted to women who look after themselves and particularly those who look happy. If going without food is the only way that you can accomplish that then I suppose that is fair enough. 

It seems bizarre to me that you are proud that your husband would divorce you for gaining weight. Does he really value you as a person so little? Do you offer him nothing besides the image of a thin, bottle blonde middle aged woman? I would say that is absolutely nothing to be proud of.

I am naturally a curvy girl; my bra size is currently 36F and when I was at my healthiest weight (a dress size 10-12) they were still a size 36E, also having naturally red hair, I am definitely not part of your thin, blonde image that you love so much. This resulted in bullying at school which went on for over 10 years. Trust me, I know very well that men don't necessarily like the stick thin look, and if I have to endure ridicule by a woman in her 40's who by her own admission has a husband that neither treasures nor respects her, to look like this I will happily do so. 

You say that you starved yourself for the past 30 years and particularly through your teenage years so you started at about the age of 12/13. It is absolutely despicable that you would suggest this to be a good choice for a girl of that age. Many, in fact most teenage girls suffer from image issues or an eating disorder of some kind, and articles like yours only make matters worse. Do you think it'd not be more effective to tell girls to look after themselves? That if they allow themselves a big meal to make sure they get exercise to work it off afterwards? The constant use of the word "thin" and not "healthy" is absolutely terrible and as a female figure in the public eye you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself for promoting such an unhealthy lifestyle for teenage girls. 

I hope that one day women like you are no longer allowed to work in the media. I hope that those of us who do not fit into the unhealthily thin, bottle blonde, boring image that the media has created, are able to let teenage girls know that it is OK to be different. In fact, it's bloody brilliant to be different. Why would everyone want to look the same? Why should we all be sheep, huddled together in a field looking exactly the same as everyone else that's there. Isn't it good to have your own personality, and show it through the image that you portray? I hope you have given a thought to all the young girls who haven't even finished developing yet, sticking their fingers down their throats, or pushing a plate of food away tonight after reading your article.  

Finally, if you haven't already guessed, I completely disagree with you. There is nothing in life that signifies failure better than people who bully others for being different in order to make themselves feel worthwhile.

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