Friday, 26 April 2013

So, I have bought a lot recently! Don't judge me! I have just handed in my dissertation and now only have 1 assignment left and 3 weeks to do it in. I also have two exams through May but I don't find revision hard work so I have quite a lot of time to chill out at the moment. I've also just had my last ever student loans! I'm trying not to spend much of it but lets face it, if you see a bargain and you've got some money you've just got to get it! I've also been working quite a lot of hours at the weekends throughout this last year of uni so I think I'm allowed to treat myself to a few bits! And anyone who knows me knows that I am a real bargain hunter! So here we go!

The quilted owl bag was down to £5 from Select, the heels were £16 from Asda (now in the sale) and the leopard flats were £4 in the sale from Tesco

The mint dipped hem dress was £18 and the pink floral was £8 both from The Original Factory Shop (this is a bit of a random shop), both dipped hem baggy tops were £11.99 from Select and my beautiful new summery bag (can you tell I love it a bit?!) was £24.99 from TK Maxx.

I love shopping in places that you can find bargains and the best thing about shopping in places that not everyone else will think of is that you don't see loads of other people wearing the same stuff! I have to say that this is nowhere near all I have bought recently, I'll post a beauty version too soon!

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