Monday, 13 May 2013

Nails of the Week: Coral Glitter

It's a new week which in my world always means new nails! The lovely weather we've recently been enjoying is now starting to dwindle, and we're preparing for rain (boo!) so I wanted to make sure I kept a bright colour on my nails to help cheer me up. I tried taking pictures of these nails from several angles because the colour doesn't seem to show up brilliantly in photos, but they are coral and I sealed them with a glitter top coat for extra sparkle. I'm not 100% sure on the brand but I think this particular polish was from a Colour Works set from Superdrug which I received as a stocking filler for Christmas. 

This is going to make me sound quite odd considering how much care and attention I put into my nails, but not much makes me cringe more than filing my nails, however, I was play fighting with my boyfriend which resulted in me accidentally leaving four huge scratches all down his arm. I'm not even joking, he was bleeding pretty bad! So, I have filed them down slightly and squared them off a bit, which I intend to do a bit more but by the time I had done this I was really starting to feel ill! It's weird isn't it?! But I think it's making them look even nicer so I will continue in a few days!

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