Thursday, 9 May 2013

Reasons to Become a Pilgrim

Everyone who really knows me is aware of my love for Deal or No Deal. I remember when it first started, my Mum told me that Noel Edmonds was going to be back on the TV, spending an hour opening some boxes. We both thought it seemed like an odd, and to be honest, a rather rubbish idea for a show, but we gave it a chance anyway as I used to absolutely love Noel when I was young. The idea soon caught on and we absolutely loved it. A few years of working full time interrupted my love affair with Deal slightly but the decision to go back to education and start working towards my degree meant that I could yet again immerse myself in the boxy love on Channel 4. I am now just finishing my degree and over the past 3 years I have not quite become obsessed with the show... but certainly had my fair share of enjoyment from it. Over those 3 years I have tweeted along at 4pm and so become good friends with the Banker on Twitter. It was only this past Christmas that I received my card from one of my best friends Jo, which had the Pilgrim (audience member) confidentiality form tucked inside it. Yay I was actually going to see a live show! You can't even imagine my excitement. So I tweeted the Banker to let him know that I was going & he instantly replied saying he would call me for a chat while I was there - and he kept his promise! His voice is seriously amazing! His tweets regarding my phone call lead me to make even more friends on Twitter - Pilgrims and hardcore Deal fans are some of the nicest people I have ever met (& not met!). Since then we have been back twice and every time we are left desperate to go back for more, it's just a shame that my friends and I can't get the same days off very often!

So, with all that in mind here is my list of "Reasons to Become a Pilgrim" at least once:

1. I seriously cannot stress this one enough. It's free!
2. The atmosphere inside the Dream Factory is absolutely crazy. The moment you step in the door it feels like you're at a party - enough to cheer even the most miserable gits up!
3. It's a fabulous day out. My girl friends and I don't engage in much drinking anymore (particularly with one of the group now being pregnant) so it's a great way for us to do something together.
4. Both Noel and the Banker are incredibly quick witted, which means that you know you're going to see a good bit of fun and banter as the boxes are being opened.
5. You get to see how a TV show is made. We were both surprised and impressed that the filming runs so smoothly.
6. You get to see Noel Edmonds up close and personal. Not going to lie. He's hot.
7. If you are lucky and get to see a decent win you will see someone improve their life massively. It is so amazing to see someone turn their life around within the space of a couple of hours.
8. If you're interested in the Deal or No Deal game play and reading the board like I am - there's really nothing better than seeing it live. It'll make you change your mind on how you read the board too. Especially if you see a heart breaker.
9.You will get your face on the Television. This isn't really appealing to me to be honest but my friends love it!
10. The overall experience is amazing. Every single person we've come across while we have been there has been lovely, including all the staff and crew members.

So, as you can see, it is well worth becoming a Pilgrim at least once! Go to for details.

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