Friday, 10 May 2013

The 10 Minute Face

Especially since being at university, I have had a lot of girls tell me that they wish they could do their makeup like mine - if only they had the time. This is something that truly baffles me because on a daily basis, I spend no more than 10 minutes applying makeup before leaving the house, and if I really can't be bothered it's only 5. I believe that you simply need to use the right products, so in this post I will be sharing what I used and how to create my daily look. After all, if I can look nice in only 10 minutes I absolutely assure you that anyone can!

To create this look I used:

BB Cream in Ivory from Avon (the main reason why this look is so quick!)
Concealer from MUA
Mascara (Rocket Volum' Express) from Maybelline
Eye Shadow Primer from Avon
Eye shadow Undressed Palette from MUA
Pressed Powder from Models Prefer (now called YBF)
Bronzer from MUA
Cream Blusher Models Prefer (now called YBF)
Eye Liner in Black from Bare Minerals
Lip Gloss in Sugar Cookie from Bare Minerals

The biggest tip for anyone who wants to be out the door quick in the morning is to make sure you look after your skin. A good skin care routine will mean that you don't have to spend loads of time covering up blemishes and clogged up pores, and ironically, the heavier makeup you apply to this bad skin the worse it will get. I much prefer to take my makeup off whenever I can, wash it daily and apply moisturizer daily. This means I very rarely get any spots and a bit of BB cream and concealer is all I need as my base.

Once I applied my concealer to my problem areas (baggy eyes mostly) I applied my BB cream - this is done within about 2 minutes. Then I applied my pressed powder to set it. I then applied my blusher - using a cream blush will mean that you can literally slap it on and rub it in within seconds - and that's not even an exaggeration! A little bronzer means I can pretend to have caught the sun in this nice weather and then my eye shadow primer goes on, which means that my shadow won't budge throughout the day, making it a necessary extra in my opinion. I recently invested in this MUA "Undressed" palette which is amazing. At only £4 for 12 creamy colours you can achieve almost any look for almost no money at all. Bargain! I then swept a tiny bit of eyeliner on my water line and applied a coat of mascara, leaving just the lip gloss. 

And this is what the end result looks like:

I hope to create a "groomed yet natural" look by using fairly nude colours and using BB cream instead of foundation is a great way to keep your skin looking fresh without caking it in heavy makeup.

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