Saturday, 11 May 2013

The INSTANT Skin Fixer Lurking in EVERYONE'S Bathroom Cupboard....

So ladies, first of all I have to say yes I am serious! And secondly I need to point out that this is not my discovery, neither do I use this method. As I have before stated I do fortunately have very good skin at the moment, however, I do have a friend (who shall remain nameless) who has struggled with acne and finding something that not only helps but also instantly improves the look of skin instantly.

Her plight has not been helped by the fact that she has very sensitive skin and often finds herself coming out in terrible reactions to quite a lot of different brands, so trying new products is often a scary and wasted process. In desperation, one day she was searching through her bathroom cupboards and found something that nobody had ever suggested to her, but she noticed that the small print claimed that it can help acne. Why not? Nothing else was working. So she applied it all over her face and rubbed in well before bed and within a week noticed a big difference in her skin. After a while, she realised that it also made a huge difference when used as a base coat before applying her makeup.

So, this product helps:

  • foundation grip to the skin
  • fill and smooth the skin
  • improve blemishes
  • makeup last longer
  • combat redness
So, what is this miracle elixir?! Well, believe it or not, it's actually Sudocrem! 

Seriously, who doesn't have this in their house somewhere? In case you don't believe me, my friend has supplied me with before and after pictures, all taken in the same evening. From left to right: natural skin, foundation only and finally Sudocrem as a base with foundation on top (no concealer). 

I absolutely promise you that these photos are completely unedited. I know what you're thinking! "Oh my goodness I don't want to look this pale!!" It will not make you look this pale. I assure you that my friend is ghostly white to the point that she does look ill without any blusher, which she has specifically avoided using in these pictures so you can see how dramatic the Sudocrem results are. 

If you would like to try this instant skin fixer, I would suggest to only use it if you have bad skin. For someone like me who has clear skin, it is not for you. It will make your skin look ever so slightly paler than usual if you use it as a makeup base, so you may want to use slightly darker foundation than you usually would. You only need to apply a small amount and of course a tub of this is probably sitting in the bathroom somewhere. Not to mention that if you start to use it regularly, it is cheap enough to buy once every month or two, though you probably won't need to restock that often.

I strongly suggest that any girls suffering with bad skin give Sudocrem a go, and if you do, please let me and my friend know how you get on!

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  1. I saw the photo on Google while I was googling how to use sudocream and I thought that these are "before, during and after" using the cream for a while, and I had high hopes. but after reading and knowing it's before and after foundation, I'm pretty disappointed now! :(