Wednesday, 15 May 2013

XXXtina Is Back!

It's no secret how much I love Christina Aguilera. She is my absolute idol and role model and has been for the past decade. In fact, more than that, I don't even remember when my obsession with her began. To me, she is the perfect woman. She is immensely talented, beautiful, sexy, with a warm personality to boot. However, in recent years she has been slated in the media for gaining weight, despite speaking out about being pressured to be as skinny as possible in the past. As I have mentioned in my Samantha Brick post, I feel very strongly about image and weight issues and pressures, particularly in women, so it has been awful to sit back and watch the media tear Christina to shreds for gaining a bit of weight - which let's face it everyone does around her age especially after having a child.

Christina recently tweeted a picture of herself showing off what appears to be a new svelte yet curvy figure.

It's wonderful to see that Christina is once again looking absolutely amazing, and personally I think that her body is looking better than ever. No wonder she can hardly keep her kit on!

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