Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer Eyes - Model's Prefer Cruise Collection

So, I haven't written a proper post in ages! Not one that's about makeup rather than nails anyway. I felt like messing around with my makeup today, so that's exactly what I did!

I tend to get scared about wearing different colours on my eyes, which I know is ridiculous, because brown eyes can carry off most coloured shadows very well. I suppose we can all get stuck in a beauty rut - always reaching for the same products over and over again. I've had a collection sitting in my makeup drawer for years never touched - it still had the protective plastic on it, so I thought now is the time to open it and have a play. I don't think this collection is still available to buy from the direct shops but there are some on ebay going cheap! Saying that, you could create this look using any two colours you wanted from any brand.

So, I used the Model's Prefer Cruise Collection eyeshadow quad.

I started by coating the whole lid with the green and blending all over, then I put the silver right in the inner corner and blended out. I then applied the dark purple, starting in the outer corner, and blending it across towards the middle of the eye. I put another coat of the green over the inner half of the lid, making sure to blend all the way across into the middle. All that was left was a coat of mascara and a quick application of Bare Minerals eyeliner in plum along the lower lash line.

I have tried to keep this look daytime friendly, but I think it'd look great as an evening look too. To achieve more of a colour pop I'd just layer up the colour more, bring the colour further out, and line the top and bottom lashes in a black liquid liner for a more dramatic evening eye.

P.S I'm sorry if these pictures look really orange! Since I've moved my camera seems to be making everything look like it's been dipped in tango... I'll have to get it sorted ASAP!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Nails of The Week: Barbara Daly

If you read my last post you will know what a crazy week I've had, and as you can guess, my nail polish collection is a little here, there and everywhere. I needed to do something with my nails as last week's polish was starting to look a little unkempt, but didn't want to do anything too crazy with the colour, as I have a job interview lined up for Tuesday. The closest nude shade I had to hand was this one - Barbara Daly for Tesco in Peach Satin.

I bought this one day when I was going through a real nude phase (I mean the colour, not literally being nude!!!) and I must say, it has disappointed me every time I've used it since. While I do love the colour, the quality is not up to scratch considering the price. You would usually consider supermarket brands to be cheap, but a 11ml bottle of this nail polish costs £6.

The Tesco website says this about the product:

Featuring gorgeous seasonal colours, Barbara Daly nail polish in peach satin offers smooth, shiny, non-streaky colour that gives your nails a flawless, glossy, creamy finish. Long lasting and durable, with a small brush that makes it easy to apply, Barbara Daly nail polish is the perfect way to fully coordinate your look.

I agree, it looks creamy, smooth and is a gorgeous colour but it is definitely not flawless or non streaky. My results were achieved with 3 thick coats of polish and one coat of sparkly top coat, but still, these 3 coats were not enough to make the nail look a flawless, all over colour. I think to achieve better results I would have needed 4 or possibly even 5 coats of colour before applying my top coat. We're all busy ladies, and I'm sure we're all thinking the same thing!

Sitting around for an hour unable to do anything while waiting for 4 or 5 coats of nail polish to dry just isn't worth it in my opinion. I do love this shade though so I will be looking for something in a similar peachy tone in a better quality brand. This is my first experience of Barbara Daly and I must say it's made me really hesitant to consider buying anything else from this line, it seems overpriced considering the quality is so shoddy. I have had better results from the £1 polish from the MUA line. Anyone out there a Barbara Daly fan? I'd love to hear your opinions!

Friday, 21 June 2013

My Changing Life

So, I always said I'd try to keep this blog about what I want to write about, rather than my actual life, but I know I have friends here and I feel that I owe those friends an explanation as to why I've been so quiet lately! So, here we are, I'm writing a very rare, but very much needed update on my life.

Things have been absolutely mental. Uni has finished, my tenancy has ended on my flat, I've quit my part time job and moved from Cheltenham to Liverpool. This has all happened within the past few weeks. In fact, everything apart from uni being done and dusted has happened in the past week. Blimey it's been mad! So, Chris and I have both been looking for work both in Liverpool and Cheltenham, with the intention of living wherever the best job opportunities are, which at the moment is looking like Liverpool. I've been looking for officey jobs that I can do for the time being - and already have an interview lined up for next Tuesday (woohoo) with the intention of working on my writing portfolio while earning some money and getting us on our feet up here. This week I also discovered that I've passed my degree! Yay! So that means that I can now actually start looking into what I want to do properly. It all seems to be falling into place! Maximus is very settled here in Liverpool too....

Although I've been busy, it's nice to have proper time off in the evenings to settle down, and to be honest, while I settle into the scouse way of life it's very nice to chill out in the evenings! So I have been doing a lot of knitting and I have to say, at this rate if I don't get a job soon all my Christmas gifts will be knitted by September!! Let's hope for everyone's sake that I don't take long to find work! So far, I've been working on a thin scarf that's growing really quick. No idea who would want it though but I suppose I can put it away - I'm bound to think of someone who'd like it! Here it is so far:

As I said, it's growing quickly and it's not going to take me very long to complete, so I'll be starting to look up some more exciting patterns soon, which I will definitely be sharing here. 

I'm really excited for everything that's just around the corner and I'm so excited that after three long years of studying and hard work, I can finally feel as if my life is starting.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nails of the week: Spring Fling

This week I got to try one of my new Leighton Denny colours! In fact, it's a new Leighton Denny colour altogether! You cannot imagine my excitement! I love Leighton's products, not only are they gorgeous colours with lovely tones that you simply can't find anywhere else, but they also last almost as long as you want them to, and I only say almost because it will grow off at some point - that is the only reason that I take mine off.

So, here is the new colour, Spring Fling.

I absolutely adore this colour - it's a gorgeous spring/summer purple and has an incredibly fine shimmer running through it that adds another dimension to the look. It is not glittery and doesn't feel rough - it's actually just as smooth as any other Leighton polish. All in all, a gorgeous but grown up spring colour, which is only available at - you won't regret trying it!