Friday, 21 June 2013

My Changing Life

So, I always said I'd try to keep this blog about what I want to write about, rather than my actual life, but I know I have friends here and I feel that I owe those friends an explanation as to why I've been so quiet lately! So, here we are, I'm writing a very rare, but very much needed update on my life.

Things have been absolutely mental. Uni has finished, my tenancy has ended on my flat, I've quit my part time job and moved from Cheltenham to Liverpool. This has all happened within the past few weeks. In fact, everything apart from uni being done and dusted has happened in the past week. Blimey it's been mad! So, Chris and I have both been looking for work both in Liverpool and Cheltenham, with the intention of living wherever the best job opportunities are, which at the moment is looking like Liverpool. I've been looking for officey jobs that I can do for the time being - and already have an interview lined up for next Tuesday (woohoo) with the intention of working on my writing portfolio while earning some money and getting us on our feet up here. This week I also discovered that I've passed my degree! Yay! So that means that I can now actually start looking into what I want to do properly. It all seems to be falling into place! Maximus is very settled here in Liverpool too....

Although I've been busy, it's nice to have proper time off in the evenings to settle down, and to be honest, while I settle into the scouse way of life it's very nice to chill out in the evenings! So I have been doing a lot of knitting and I have to say, at this rate if I don't get a job soon all my Christmas gifts will be knitted by September!! Let's hope for everyone's sake that I don't take long to find work! So far, I've been working on a thin scarf that's growing really quick. No idea who would want it though but I suppose I can put it away - I'm bound to think of someone who'd like it! Here it is so far:

As I said, it's growing quickly and it's not going to take me very long to complete, so I'll be starting to look up some more exciting patterns soon, which I will definitely be sharing here. 

I'm really excited for everything that's just around the corner and I'm so excited that after three long years of studying and hard work, I can finally feel as if my life is starting.

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