Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nails of the week: Spring Fling

This week I got to try one of my new Leighton Denny colours! In fact, it's a new Leighton Denny colour altogether! You cannot imagine my excitement! I love Leighton's products, not only are they gorgeous colours with lovely tones that you simply can't find anywhere else, but they also last almost as long as you want them to, and I only say almost because it will grow off at some point - that is the only reason that I take mine off.

So, here is the new colour, Spring Fling.

I absolutely adore this colour - it's a gorgeous spring/summer purple and has an incredibly fine shimmer running through it that adds another dimension to the look. It is not glittery and doesn't feel rough - it's actually just as smooth as any other Leighton polish. All in all, a gorgeous but grown up spring colour, which is only available at - you won't regret trying it!

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